Wireframing for iOS Devices – Free Kit!

October 20, 2015| destructive

Wireframes keep your design focused on the form and functionality of your application. It should point directly clear iOS towards its navigation and organization of information. But building it for your screens can be tedious if you don’t have a quick way of prototyping of having your icons and buttons in place.

I decided to create a kit that takes this pain out in a Adobe Illustrator layout. I’ve set the tools – lines, bars, text inputs, icons etc in an order with an iPhone 5s mockup. It took me all night till 3am, but I enjoyed the process and was simply glued to the screen.

Deploy Apps - iOS Wireframe KitThe icons are provided by freepik – an amazing source of tons of icon! 成果報告 I downloaded the pack, and select the icons that I will be using most of the time. Then, I created basic boxes, ellipses and lines that will be used during prototyping. IMAGE? The wireframe UI kit is for those looking for a quick prototyping method with Adobe Illustrator, and you can grab it below.

Wireframe UI Kit – iPhone 5S

If you would like an Android version, let me know! If you are interested to get iOS 9 icons, there is one for Sketch 3.

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