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October 24, 2015| destructive
Userforge Create Personas

Today, we will look on one of the important process in UX Design – Creating Personas. Users are the core of our digital product and before we even start planning the design we must know who they are made for. There are multiple ways you can create personas – Photoshop, Sketch, Word etc. But often, you will find yourself in time-consuming tasks such as finding icons, stock images, fonts, colors and alignments. To speed up your prototyping, let me introduce you to a great site – UserForge!


Easily create personas.

UserForge is a web-app tool that helps you create persona templates with ease. The best part is you get to have readily available images and a neat randomize feature to create your persona without hassle! From there, you are given a template where you can add Sections in Title, List or Paragraph. This is where you can enter details such as Characteristics, Goals/Needs, Technology and Quotes.

Here is an example of what I have created:


Example of Persona created with UserForge

It’s simple and basic and you get to save, share, comment and collaborate the work with others as well. The only part that’s missing in UserForge is the ability to export your persona. As for this current version, you can only save them and take screenshots. However, a good library of personas is handy when you need it for projects in the future. This will get your work done quicker when you have already done research on your user.

I highly recommend it as part of your UX tool. Try it and let me know your thoughts!

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