UI Redesign for AVIS – Car Booking App (Part 1)

December 10, 2015| destructive

AVIS is an international car booking company that I came across the net. I am not the usual car booker, but what got me curious was just realizing how this industry sector is worldwide. I have come across really neat apps for car booking, but when I saw AVIS‘s app it was quite poorly designed. Worse of all, I could not even login because there wasn’t a sign-up button.


No sign up?

So, for this month’s redesign, I decided to embark on a project to create a much better UI for AVIS. Beginning with identifying the users and their needs, I know from my girlfriend’s experience, people tend to go to car renting outlets in a split second decision. Unlike planning for a flight, users tend to want immediate, hassle-free arrangements with the rental company. Users need to feel from the UI the comfort that AVIS is reliable, responsive and professional. I believe these are the key elements that will be reflected and embodied in the design.



Based on the above, I created a persona of a business executive who travels around frequently. The app will be convenient way for people like Matthew to book a car and get confirmations quickly through e-mail. The app should be minimal, yet delightful and responsive. Based on their goals and needs, here is a User Journey map of how the app will be:


First, the user log-in’s to AVIS and is greeted with a prompt to make a booking. The user can then proceed to choose the destination and rental period. The next screen is more in-depth as it gives the user to choose the State/Town of the destination and inline with that, provides the car pickup location. The user then decides whether they want to proceed by choosing the car, or skipping the section for later (saving it automatically).

Car Selection is where the user goes through the prices and types of cars. This screen might require the user a longer time to decide and the ability to save should be implemented. Once the car is decided, the user is taken into the Booking Summary where they are provided with the details of their booking. The total cost will also be outlined before the user can decide if they are ready to book it.

Once the user clicks on Book, the app will prompt the user that the booking is confirmed, with a booking code and an e-mail of their booking details. Car Rental companies usually accept payment by cash on the spot in many parts of the world. Although I have not gone through AVIS‘s method of payment, I believe this is a simpler and most effective method for the company to gain more bookings. In my experience booking for rooms at a hostel, I felt booking without payment gives me the sense of trust and relief from the burden of losing money. In the later developments of the app, I will include more features such as:

  1. Booking Cancellation
  2. Terms & Policy
  3. Message & Notifications

This is to remind ourselves as designers again, that the more we integrate core values of the company to our app, and the more we perfect it, the better. Here is the wireframe for the app before I continue on the design:


Hope you enjoyed what I’ve shared in this post. You are welcomed to share your thoughts below about car bookings and renting in general. I will be glad to know if you have any experience as a user.

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