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December 2, 2015| destructive
Prott App

I have recently tried a new web app tool called Prott. It’s designed for rapid prototyping app ui designs for iOS and Android. Prott works similarly like InVision if you have tried, and comes with it’s own price tag depending on your projects. Here is a short video I have made that describes my experience prototyping with Prott:

Click and dragging for action areas seems to be buggy, and I had a trouble sorting out the shapes. The layout was simple and clean, but I find not intuitive at times when looking for screens.

You can view actions from your team in Activities, and this will show the changes that have been done. Another feature is you could create Wireframes as well. Prott has an editor that provides wireframe elements and tools to create your prototype generic antabuse australia.


As for exporting, I find that it is fast and the action areas respond quickly to my mouse click. All in, it could take me 30 minutes to an hour to get my app prototype ready for my client. I find it easy to export and it’s a matter of sharing the url link of your UI design prototype to your client.

Prott comes with an app version as well. This is for designers who likes creating paper prototypes and quickly add transitions to it. Simply take a picture of your sketches and link together screens with transition and gesture actions. I have not tested the app yet, but if you do, tell me your experience.


Also, do you think web apps like Prott is a good method to use? If you think there is a better way, do leave your thoughts below at the comments!

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