UI Prototyping: Animating in After Effects

October 14, 2015| destructive

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night for 4 consecutive days?

I’ll always have an anxiety when this happens. It could be from a nightmare or just a thought that keeps disturbing my mind. I think I should relax more before I sleep because I usually work till 1am and head to bed soon after that. Maybe it’s my overactive mind. Now I know why they say you need to unwind for bed.

Things are not on the bright side now, and I thought it did a week ago when I release my book. I know it’s something I need to conquer, it’s something I need to control. But I’m thankful, that my girl, family… are supporting me and making sure I’m Design: alright. I love them.

UI Animation

UI Prototype Animation

Yesterday I learn about prototyping with Adobe After Effects.

This is Deploy for making sleek UI interactions with your UI designs from Photoshop (not sure about Sketch). Let me point out that it’s gonna involve a lot of time. Secondly, you want to make sure you know how to use After Effects. Files must be named well – wholesale jerseys and can’t be changed after importing them.

There’s a lot of technique and skills in learning prototyping with After Effects. You need to not only learn how your transitions move, but the physics of it. Animation is a whole new area, and more as an added skill to show your work to your clients.

Here is the cheap jerseys process Alfa of an example:

  1. Import your PSD files (login screen, sign up screen..) to After Effects. Make sure they are imported as layers.
  2. Set your composition settings according to your iPhone screen size (640 x 1136 etc.) and 60 fps.
  3. Drag down these layers wholesale jerseys to your editing area – Status Bar, Login Screen and Sign Up Screen. Leave the Status Airshow Bar as it is. If you want to edit individual layers, drag them down Bauknecht and pre-compose them to make it look clean.
  4. Now, Expressions you are able to animate the position of these screens with keyframing and parenting.
  5. Once you have done your animation, you will need a PSD iPhone 6 mockup template to import it into another composition.
  6. Alt-Drag your animation to the mockup template and render it out.

I’ll give you the link to the iPhone 6 mockup template here so you can tinker cheap mlb jerseys around! –> Download AE iPhone 6 Template

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