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October 13, 2015| destructive

Good things come in bad wholesale NBA jerseys surprises.

My car chinois got hit today. I had a broken door and my plans to meet Venus (my girlfriend) went out the window.

The stupid thing was this thing happen in such a way that I never o thought would happen to me. I just parked my car by the residential area and opened my door to get out while the car driving smashed cheap jerseys it. He just drove too fast. Period.

But well, the good part was I had a lift from Venus as she came to the rescue. We went out as usual to cafe hop Applications nearby around cheap jerseys the area and get the car sent for repair.

Well, enough of what went "????? through my day. I’m happy to show you some designs I did. It is done in Photoshop CS6, and it is a mobile UI design for an article reading app for photographers. Hence I use a dark tone and clear UI in designing this. I also choose pictures that reveal great photography. The app is to inspire photographers by viewing articles written by other photographers. Something like Medium for photographers.

I am still working on the rest of the screens. Any comments are welcomed!

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