UI Changes in iOS 9.0

October 16, 2015| destructive

I’ve Starting been trying to get back to gear after the accident. I did a little cleaning up UI on my UI cheap nba jerseys files Animating and thinking of a more intuitive workflow. I have heard from a friend that since upgrading to iOS 9.0 the speed on her iPhone 5 has improved <a href="http://fedaes antabuse tablets 500mg.org/jornadas-cientificas-convivencia-2014/”>científicas a lot. I did not upgrade mine, so I decided to give it a try. And yes… it does speed up my phone. Battery life? Not too sure about that as of now.

So, iOS 9.0 has made some changes into improving its user interface. One of the biggest change would be the use of San Francisco font instead of Helvetica Neue. I like the font as it appears light, but yet elegantly strong. Alert sheets are also wholesale jerseys a little Tile more wholesale mlb jerseys rounder and there are several redesigns such as in Spotlight and App Switcher.

If you would like to get the UI Kit for iOS 9.0 for free, here are some recommended resources:

  1. iOS 9 GUI for Sketch
  2. iOS 9 GUI for Photoshop

iOS 9 is also adapted for the new touch features and cheap nba jerseys UI designers should be aware of that. With Plan Force Touch, it gives designers a different creative approach into how users wholesale nfl jerseys will interact with their application. There is a comprehensive resource for guidelines and features in iOS 9.0, and it can be found in non other than Apple’s homepage:

  1. What’s New in iOS 9.0
  2. iOS Human Interface Guidelines
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