How to use our UI Kits

1. Download Sketch

Our UI Kits are designed with Sketch, you can download the trial version if you have not tried it before. Alternatively, you can purchase the software for $99 and included are free upgrades for a year. After a year, you will need to renew your license for another year but you can continue to use the software.

The version of our Sketch files might be old, but the files should work as normal. If you have any problems, please let us know.

2. Open the Zip file

On Mac, you should be able to double-click and open the zip file on your downloads folder.

If you are using Windows to unzip, try the free and open source software 7-Zip.

3. Folder Files

You will see 2 files within the folder - Sketch source file and a folder for PNG screen designs.

You can open the Sketch file to edit the designs directly. While the PNG folder is organised in 1x - 3x for you to view the designs.

4. Open Sketch File

Once you have open the Sketch file, you might see on your top right corner that there are missing fonts.

You can download Apple fonts at the website here

5. Start Editing!

Using Sketch is not as complicated as Photoshop and you have a complete software that is capable of exporting assets to the development phase.

Start by double clicking on an element or text to do your edits. We have layered our designs so that it is easy for a beginner to understand and create edits quickly.

If you have questions along the way, or need extra tutorial help, try visiting learnsketch.com

And of course, reach us if you find any problems regarding the project files.

Happy Deploying! 🚀

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