Top Reasons Why You Should Hire A UX Designer

January 7, 2016| destructive
Top Reason To Hire A UX Designer

For App Entrepreneurs who might not know what a UX Designer does, it is most likely they will think it is an option to hire one. A good place to start in  bringing across your app ideas is to have someone guiding you on the importance of user journey. And that’s exactly where UX Design comes into play.

Hiring a UX Designer is important before you even start hiring a developer because they would not know (from your way of speaking perhaps!) how your app will look like. Sure, they know that the user has to submit a form or have GPS enabled, but all these can go wrong if there isn’t a ‘blueprint’ for them to know what they’re doing. This is where your UX Designer plans out the screen and creates the flow from start to end for the Developer to code your app.

Top Reasons To Hire A UX Designer As Your Starting Point:


Example of A UX Design User Journey

1. Provide You All The Screens Needed In Your App

You’ve got an app idea in your head, but you can’t draw it out. You need someone who will be able to see that vision in your mind and recreate that in black and white. Your UX Designer is like your friend in knowing how to create your ideas across by designing all the screens in wireframes.

2. Provide You A User Journey Storyboard For Your App

Once the screens have been determined by you and designed by the UX Designer, he/she will place it in a user flow that is presentable to you and the public. You can use this map to show your developer how you want your app to exactly work. This is your blueprint to take your app idea one step further to deployment.

3. Highlight Important Elements That Your App Needs.

You might realize your app needs some adjustments once you found a problem in the user journey. Some processes might need to be changed or removed. This is why in the UX Design process, you will be able to see what fits or doesn’t to your market.

UI Animation

I will not leave out UI Design, as it plays a role as well. In contrast to UX Design, UI Designers add the color and final look of your app. If you want your app to stand out among the herds, get a UI Designer. You would want someone who can work in Photoshop at least, or Sketch.

If you’re not interested in hiring a UI Designer because of budget constraints, you can check out various Design E-Store such as GraphicRiver that will give you readily available UI Design Kits that can be used commercially. However, purchasing these might require some tweaking and it’s also best if you hire a designer who can do the small tweaks if you’re unfamiliar with Photoshop or Sketch.

If you would like to hire a UX Designer, places to look for are freelancer websites such as UpWork or Fiverr. We at Deploy Apps can be contacted as well if you would like to talk to us. Our e-mail is deployapplications@gmail.com and to check out our work, please visit Behance.net/deployapps


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