5 Smart Ways To Wireframe Apps & Websites

September 6, 2018|

We believe everyone can begin their ideas and we will look at 5 smart ways to wireframe apps and websites. Think of it as blueprint, and you are the Architect. So whether you are starting out as a UX Designer, or have an App Idea to get across, we will explain how you can apply 5 smart ways into wireframing your project. 1. Sketch It If you prefer pen and paper, this is the best way to with start any project. Simply draw out a frame of your device and sketch out what you would like to add on in your app or website. Remember to jot your ideas down and comment on it. All you need is a sketch book with pens and pencils. If you want to go all out, I would recommend getting UI Stencils where you can trace outlines quickly and accurately. Also check out the…    read more 

RAPT: Portfolio Bootstrap Wireframe Freebie

RAPT Bootstrap Wireframe

Hi! Hope all is well with your week. Deploy Apps have been busy churning out design assets for Responsive Web Design, Flat Icons and many more! We are getting up to grips with Sketch 3 – an awesome design tool that simplifies workflow and speeds iteration. A few days ago, we released ‘RAPT’ a wireframe for a One-pager Responsive Website. It’s now on Sketch App Sources with 600+ downloads to date! We hope you will benefit from this wireframe as it is our hope that you will easily prototype websites faster with it. Basic elements such as buttons, headings, picture box are all available for drag-and-drop ease. <img class="size-large wp-image-571 aligncenter" src="https://i2.wp.com/www.destructive pop over here.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/RAPT-Wireframe-thumbnail-2-338×1024.png?resize=338%2C1024″ alt=”RAPT-Wireframe-thumbnail-2″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ /> Waste no more time! Download it here: RAPT: Bootstrap Wireframe Thanks and we do appreciate you also take the time and follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Top Reasons Why You Should Hire A UX Designer

January 7, 2016|
Top Reason To Hire A UX Designer

For App Entrepreneurs who might not know what a UX Designer does, it is most likely they will think it is an option to hire one. A good place to start in  bringing across your app ideas is to have someone guiding you on the importance of user journey. And that’s exactly where UX Design comes into play. Hiring a UX Designer is important before you even start hiring a developer because they would not know (from your way of speaking perhaps!) how your app will look like. Sure, they know that the user has to submit a form or have GPS enabled, but all these can go wrong if there isn’t a ‘blueprint’ for them to know what they’re doing. This is where your UX Designer plans out the screen and creates the flow from start to end for the Developer to code your app. Top Reasons To Hire…    read more 

The Classical Wireframe UI Collection

November 27, 2015|
Classical Wireframe Wireframes Kit

We are about to launch a collection of standard wireframes for mobile user interface. The kit gives a wide range of screens that will be useful in rapid prototyping. Our goal is to allow designers and entrepreneurs to design prototypes quickly so they could concentrate on the more important details in their project. The design of our wireframes are simple and minimalistic which allows customization of your own – font, color, text, images etc. It gives you a chance to adjust every layer and elements on Photoshop.  The set of screens in our first UI kit for iOS – iPhone are: The UI Kit for iOS is now open for pre-orders at http://gum.co/classicwireframeuikit and a Collection version is under development. We greatly appreciate your support by buying our UI Kit and we can assure you there are many designs greater to come. If you have any questions on our UI…    read more 

Wireframing for iOS Devices – Free Kit!

October 20, 2015|

Wireframes keep your design focused on the form and functionality of your application. It should point directly clear iOS towards its navigation and organization of information. But building it for your screens can be tedious if you don’t have a quick way of prototyping of having your icons and buttons in place. I decided to create a kit that takes this pain out in a Adobe Illustrator layout. I’ve set the tools – lines, bars, text inputs, icons etc in an order with an iPhone 5s mockup. It took me all night till 3am, but I enjoyed the process and was simply glued to the screen. The icons are provided by freepik – an amazing source of tons of icon! 成果報告 I downloaded the pack, and select the icons that I will be using most of the time. Then, I created basic boxes, ellipses and lines that will be used…    read more 

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