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October 12, 2015| destructive

Right now, I’m just on lying on my bed being bug by a few wholesale jerseys China requests from people. I’m grateful my photography and book has taken off very well. But I’m more deeply interested in wholesale nba jerseys my new vision.

I started thinking clearly on Deploy Applications in September 2015. It is my goal and passion to create impact. I had a near death experience in my dream once. And all I could remember to this day was the shaking feeling that nothing I have matters but the thing I did for people.

I woke up renewed, with a different thinking. My day will not conclude satisfied if I did something meaningful for others.

Hence 1 year later, I saved up some money and shift my focus as a cheap jerseys resilient worker of my own. And today, I start Deploy Apps Gibbons as a way to contribute Design and Development for Digital Applications – Mobile apps in particular.

I have always been inspired by Iron Man (or Tony Stark). I loved User Interfaces and how it looks. I’ve made steps in learning Photoshop and Illustrator to design UIs for iOS apps. Nfl You can view them at Behance

Today, I took a step into learning Swift – the programming language for building iOS apps. I have some coding experience, but I know I’m quite bad at it. I’m understanding the basics again and hopefully get through it. Why learn code? I believe it’s always useful to. I do not want to be a lazy designer who cheap nfl jerseys knows just one thing and choose to ignore the rest.

Deploy Apps is my starting point for building useful applications, helping people build theirs and creating a community that loves it too. That to me is the most satisfying thing I will ever with my life.

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