Rapidfy Your App with InVision Sync

April 9, 2016| deployapps
Rapidfy Your App With InVision Sync

If you are developing apps, you might have heard about InVision – a web app that provides prototyping ease for mobile and web design. For a free account, you can work on 1-3 projects by uploading (drag and drop) your screens to create interaction between them.With just a few clicks, your app is ready to be presented and shared to your team and shareholders. But did you know InVision Sync can speed your app a whole lot more?

Why is InVision the best?

InVision has taken many steps to increase the value of their services the original source. The latest, Craft by InVision LABS is one. I have yet to try it and will post a review once I do! But you can take a look at how InVision is making the development and design process a lot more quicker for us. Among many applications for prototyping out there, I can say that InVision gives one of the best user experience out there.

InVision Sync

Have you ever design an app and realize the tedious work of uploading and re-trashing your files over and over again on Google Drive or even InVision? Then you realize you have left so many .pdf notes from your client on your folder that leaves your computer cluttered? Introducing the one tool that will make you leave a smile on your face – InVision Sync. This is the tool that helps bridges your Sketch file to your InVision workspace.

What it does is takes all the updates you have corrected on Sketch to InVision – correcting existing screens in real-time so that your work is updated for your client. The client can also participate and leave comments on the screens and you can ‘mark’ it as complete once you have revised. I have heard how happy a client I worked with said to me that it left all the hard work of commenting on pdf behind.

Check out this video on how to install InVision Sync:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4B3Zc8jOfU]

Not quite perfect

There is still some improvements needed for this app to be perfect. I find that once deleting an Artboard in Sketch won’t delete it in Sketch. And deleting it in InVision Sync won’t delete in their servers (it will reappear again!). Also, changing the name of an artboard in Sketch sometime later on might not change the one in your InVision project. In all these cases of problematic syncing, what you can do is make changes in InVision itself – rename, delete screens etc. Save your sketch files as normal, don’t mess with the assets folder in InVision Sync and back-up your Sketch file as well.


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