Rapid Prototyping with Launchpad for Sketch

December 22, 2017| deployapps
anima launchpad rapid prototyping

Have you ever thought how you can go straight from Sketch to published website?

That is, cutting the middleman – developer.

Yes, there is a way and that is by using Launchpad by Anima – a plugin for Sketch that comes free and also with a price.

Maybe you are a startup that needs to cut cost but also able to quickly edit and publish your landing page. You don’t want to spend time looking on Upwork (or Fiverr if you’re thinking about it) and hire a designer or developer to edit the code as you need. An alternative I suggest is getting Sketch 48 and Launchpad to do the work.

Now of course, it’s not all that easy as it sounds, but with some learning on Sketch and Launchpad I can assure that anyone can easily create their own simple website.

You might need to learn about how Form works in the backend (as Launchpad exports on HTML and CSS) and how to use Launchpad’s Animation, Responsive and Stacks features. The learning curve might sound hard but you don’t have to type a single line of code.

With $9/month with CDN, hosting and a custom domain that seems like a great deal worth checking. For more information on Launchpad check out their tutorials and medium articles. Lastly, all our designs in the store are able to be exported to HTML using Launchpad – and we hope to create more designs that will speed up your projects!

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