Horizontal: Information-first Design.

January 12, 2016| destructive
Horizontal Information First Design

The concept of Horizontal is to bring back horizontal viewing of information on the screen. I’m inspired to bring back the way we read books, and the layout of a page in books. I also want to bring a cleaner and a mobile design element that integrates without hindering information at it’s primary core.

Information-first Philosophy

Information-first design approach is organizing a clearer and delightful reading experience for users. It is structured within topic contents from the side bar. It integrates pictures and videos, and has headings that start on each page. These are just the basic integrations to start off.

<a href="https://i2 go to this website.wp.com/www.destructive.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Pic-2.png” rel=”attachment wp-att-502″>horizontal-information-first-design-2

This design is born out of the dread of viewing vertically. I think, we can enjoy viewing in landscape mode as much as we do in portrait – that’s if we design content in such a way. I for one, am not fond of the scrolling downwards many times of an article and the way the text is squeezed.

UX Design Trend

Well, I do long for a cleaner approach. One that is pleasant to read, information that is well-structured and intelligent. Referring to a recent article on UX Magazine, “Why Web Design Is Dead” I believe that design is becoming more of an assistance to UX thinking. I’m glad designers are not just challenged at pushing pixels but design based on deep thinking and technological changes.


Horizontal. Information-first Design

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