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5 Smart Ways To Wireframe Apps & Websites

September 6, 2018|

We believe everyone can begin their ideas and we will look at 5 smart ways to wireframe apps and websites. Think of it as blueprint, and you are the Architect. So whether you are starting out as a UX Designer, or have an App Idea to get across, we will explain how you can apply 5 smart ways into wireframing your project. 1. Sketch It If you prefer pen and paper, this is the best way to with start any project. Simply draw out a frame of your device and sketch out what you would like to add on in your app or website. Remember to jot your ideas down and comment on it. All you need is a sketch book with pens and pencils. If you want to go all out, I would recommend getting UI Stencils where you can trace outlines quickly and accurately. Also check out the…    read more 

5 Traits of Highly Successful UX Designers

February 15, 2017|
5 Traits of Highly Successful UX Designers

What makes one a successful UX Designer? Will it be skills in Sketch, Photoshop, Axure..? It takes more than just software skills when you embark on a career of User Experience design. For most, we have to work on some of these traits to get ahead in our careers. Here are 5 traits that we believe makes one a successful UX Designer: 1. Detailed Often times, you’ll be reminded of a dozen things to do and keep track off. One moment you have to correct button on the wireframe, and the next.. create 2 more mockups for the Profile screen. Keep everything in order and have a notebook and pen at hand always. Also write down some thoughts of your own when thinking of an idea or problem. Try to understand if your userflow makes sense and if there could be a better way. Keep note of the changes you…    read more 

Top Reasons Why You Should Hire A UX Designer

January 7, 2016|
Top Reason To Hire A UX Designer

For App Entrepreneurs who might not know what a UX Designer does, it is most likely they will think it is an option to hire one. A good place to start in  bringing across your app ideas is to have someone guiding you on the importance of user journey. And that’s exactly where UX Design comes into play. Hiring a UX Designer is important before you even start hiring a developer because they would not know (from your way of speaking perhaps!) how your app will look like. Sure, they know that the user has to submit a form or have GPS enabled, but all these can go wrong if there isn’t a ‘blueprint’ for them to know what they’re doing. This is where your UX Designer plans out the screen and creates the flow from start to end for the Developer to code your app. Top Reasons To Hire…    read more 

UI Redesign for AVIS – Car Booking App (Part 1)

December 10, 2015|

AVIS is an international car booking company that I came across the net. I am not the usual car booker, but what got me curious was just realizing how this industry sector is worldwide. I have come across really neat apps for car booking, but when I saw AVIS‘s app it was quite poorly designed. Worse of all, I could not even login because there wasn’t a sign-up button. So, for this month’s redesign, I decided to embark on a project to create a much better UI for AVIS. Beginning with identifying the users and their needs, I know from my girlfriend’s experience, people tend to go to car renting outlets in a split second decision. Unlike planning for a flight, users tend to want immediate, hassle-free arrangements with the rental company. Users need to feel from the UI the comfort that AVIS is reliable, responsive and professional. I believe…    read more 

UX Personas: Try UserForge To Create Personas

Userforge Create Personas

Today, we will look on one of the important process in UX Design – Creating Personas. Users are the core of our digital product and before we even start planning the design we must know who they are made for. There are multiple ways you can create personas – Photoshop, Sketch, Word etc. But often, you will find yourself in time-consuming tasks such as finding icons, stock images, fonts, colors and alignments. To speed up your prototyping, let me introduce you to a great site – UserForge! UserForge is a web-app tool that helps you create persona templates with ease. The best part is you get to have readily available images and a neat randomize feature to create your persona without hassle! From there, you are given a template where you can add Sections in Title, List or Paragraph. This is where you can enter details such as Characteristics, Goals/Needs,…    read more 

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