Build Apps Fast – A Quick Guide

March 24, 2016| destructive
How To Build Apps Fast

Creating apps fast is very important and it does allow you to bring in a lot of value to the end user because he won’t have to wait a lot of time for the end result. But starting an app from scratch is not easy and you do need the proper knowledge to do so. In this article we will share how you can build apps fast and get the best results on your app development!

Why start creating apps?

There are many reasons why having a mobile app is amazing, because not only does it allow you to get exposure for you and your business in the online world, it also helps generate a great revenue. It also allows you to share your knowledge with other people and help them on a daily basis, but the most important thing is that you will have the opportunity to make a living out of doing the things you love.

What are the steps to build apps fast?

As we said earlier, creating a mobile app is easy as long as you go through a specific set of steps. You will have to do them in this precise order, otherwise the development process will go haywire and you want to keep things as simple and as easy to manage as you can.


Are the starting point of building the visual cue of your app and you need to pay complete attention to them. They are the basis of your project and you have to address them from a UX perspective. Wireframes can be done with pen and paper, or with softwares such as Sketch and Photoshop. If you don’t have knowledge in wireframing it’s a good idea to hire someone that does, because you do want to have a good, solid basis to build apps fast.


By creating a prototype you can physically interact with the project and see if you can make any changes. It’s a great and important part of the development process because this is where you get to see your project come to life, albeit in a simpler version of it. Prototyping can easily be done with InVision and many other software tools, although the learning curve might be a lot more harder. Start with a simple tool you’re comfortable and you’ll be able to build apps fast.

UI design

This process is all about creating the interface of the app and making sure that it’s as appealing as it has to be in a demanding market. UI design is where you can get creative and add in a multitude of nice visual touches to make your app stand out. Some designers tend to have a personal style, and it’s always better if you check out their portfolio before hiring them for the task.

App Development

This is where all the programming takes place. It’s a great way to tie in all the pieces together but it does require a good programmer to help you with all of that if you don’t have the necessary knowledge in this sector. The best practice is always to write a document stating each screen and it’s purposes. Even though you might be new at this, always be clear with your intentions and make sure your developers understands it too.

Deploying the app

Once the app is ready you will be able to take it to the marketplace. This is where the entire world can see it. App deployment basically ties all the knots together and makes the app reachable to your consumers. After that, comes app monetization and analytics which will play a role in the growth of your app. Never neglect this practice of keep your app updated and engaging to your users.

Now, are you curious on how much you need to start your app? Take a look at this inforgraphic that shows the current cost of building an app:


12 Weeks to build an app on average! That said, even if it takes a month to a year, we believe an app needs to be constantly worked on and that’s where your user will truly appreciate the quality, time, effort and dedication you put on your app.

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