Workflow of UX and UI Design

UX Design, Prototyping and UI Design Workflow

November 19, 2015 |

How is your workflow as a UX/UI Designer? And, what do you think is best? The UX/UI design process can be lengthy and daunting at first. You have to know your users and design with them in mind through out your workflow. Although some might disagree, but we feel prototyping allows for more design-thinking and hence our workflow is: <a href="https://i2.wp.com/www.destructive.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/DA-Workflow antabuse tablets online.png”> User Experience Design is a process that encompasses: Creating Personas Creating User Journeys Sketches of App Design Wireframes of Prototype. As with any projects, getting the right start is important into developing a good end product. Always keep user interface straight to the point of the user’s goal and you will avoid any time wastage on reiteration. Prototyping is how an app appears on your phone – unfinished. The process includes: Creating a User Testing Script Creating a Prototype by Animating screens and UI elements Recruiting…    read more 

Pixate General View

Pixate Guide: Learn Basic Animations

Creating prototypes can be a very different approach for many of us. Some prefer the ease of Flinto, while others would go for Framer, which requires coding. There are many more, but I find Pixate to be somewhat a cross between Flinto and Framer, with the convenience of checking your prototype on a real device. And the best part, is it’s free and looks great! The first time I use Pixate, it was hard for me to understand the software. After going through the video tutorials on their site, then do I began to see their workflow methodology. To be clear, it is very much a programming style of workflow but in visual form. I like how it helps people like me who wants to gain that programming mindset, yet not be overwhelmed by it. Pixate truly tests your intuition and creativity, and the options are open to your ingenuity….    read more 

UI Design Mockup

UI Design: Redesigning & Preparing Alignments

November 5, 2015 |

Recently Townske released it’s new iOS app and I thought of re-creating the design in Photoshop. Going through the design was fun and figuring out the type, colors and layout was interesting into knowing the design thought that goes to it. When it comes to redesigning another app, there are some tips I would like to share that will help rapidly prototype your UI. First, is take screenshots of the app on your phone and upload it into Photoshop. Secondly, open up tabs (I suggest you bookmark it in a folder) on your web browser of Stock Photos, Font Finder and Icon Finder. Once you have this set up, it’s time to bring up your iPhone template and start aligning by creating Guides. Check Preferences if your units and rulers are set to Pixels and Points. View > New Guide Bring in the screenshot you had snapped and use the…    read more 

Airbnb Moodboard Example

UI Design: Creating A Moodboard

Before we get into designing our user interface, a good practice is to set a moodboard for our visual design idea. This is a way to keep consistency as well as speeding our process into designing our screens. A moodboard can simply be created with a Photoshop document and the way in which you create it is entirely up to you. A good building block would be to set up your swatches, fonts, icons and buttons. Find references on other apps and pick up ideas you find suited to your app design. Once you have put all the pieces together, save it and refer it as you design your screens. Here I have created a simple example of an Airbnb moodboard. What I did was: Find the App Design in Inspired UI Use a Firefox plugin – ColorZilla to find out the colors. Added the colors as swatches in Photoshop….    read more 

Userforge Create Personas

UX Personas: Try UserForge To Create Personas

Today, we will look on one of the important process in UX Design – Creating Personas. Users are the core of our digital product and before we even start planning the design we must know who they are made for. There are multiple ways you can create personas – Photoshop, Sketch, Word etc. But often, you will find yourself in time-consuming tasks such as finding icons, stock images, fonts, colors and alignments. To speed up your prototyping, let me introduce you to a great site – UserForge! UserForge is a web-app tool that helps you create persona templates with ease. The best part is you get to have readily available images and a neat randomize feature to create your persona without hassle! From there, you are given a template where you can add Sections in Title, List or Paragraph. This is where you can enter details such as Characteristics, Goals/Needs,…    read more 

Wireframing for iOS Devices – Free Kit!

October 20, 2015 |

Wireframes keep your design focused on the form and functionality of your application. It should point directly clear iOS towards its navigation and organization of information. But building it for your screens can be tedious if you don’t have a quick way of prototyping of having your icons and buttons in place. I decided to create a kit that takes this pain out in a Adobe Illustrator layout. I’ve set the tools – lines, bars, text inputs, icons etc in an order with an iPhone 5s mockup. It took me all night till 3am, but I enjoyed the process and was simply glued to the screen. The icons are provided by freepik – an amazing source of tons of icon! 成果報告 I downloaded the pack, and select the icons that I will be using most of the time. Then, I created basic boxes, ellipses and lines that will be used…    read more 

UI Changes in iOS 9.0

October 16, 2015 |

I’ve Starting been trying to get back to gear after the accident. I did a little cleaning up UI on my UI cheap nba jerseys files Animating and thinking of a more intuitive workflow. I have heard from a friend that since upgrading to iOS 9.0 the speed on her iPhone 5 has improved <a href="http://fedaes antabuse tablets 500mg.org/jornadas-cientificas-convivencia-2014/”>científicas a lot. I did not upgrade mine, so I decided to give it a try. And yes… it does speed up my phone. Battery life? Not too sure about that as of now. So, iOS 9.0 has made some changes into improving its user interface. One of the biggest change would be the use of San Francisco font instead of Helvetica Neue. I like the font as it appears light, but yet elegantly strong. Alert sheets are also wholesale jerseys a little Tile more wholesale mlb jerseys rounder and there are…    read more 

UI Prototyping: Animating in After Effects

October 14, 2015 |

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night for 4 consecutive days? I’ll always have an anxiety when this happens. It could be from a nightmare or just a thought that keeps disturbing my mind. I think I should relax more before I sleep because I usually work till 1am and head to bed soon after that. Maybe it’s my overactive mind. Now I know why they say you need to unwind for bed. Things are not on the bright side now, and I thought it did a week ago when I release my book. I know it’s something I need to conquer, it’s something I need to control. But I’m thankful, that my girl, family… are supporting me and making sure I’m Design: alright. I love them. UI Prototype Animation Yesterday I learn about prototyping with Adobe After Effects. This is Deploy for making sleek UI…    read more 

UI Design: Article Reading Application

October 13, 2015 |

Good things come in bad wholesale NBA jerseys surprises. My car chinois got hit today. I had a broken door and my plans to meet Venus (my girlfriend) went out the window. The stupid thing was this thing happen in such a way that I never o thought would happen to me. I just parked my car by the residential area and opened my door to get out while the car driving smashed cheap jerseys it. He just drove too fast. Period. But well, the good part was I had a lift from Venus as she came to the rescue. We went out as usual to cafe hop Applications nearby around cheap jerseys the area and get the car sent for repair. Well, enough of what went "????? through my day. I’m happy to show you some designs I did. It is done in Photoshop CS6, and it is a…    read more 

Starting Deploy Applications

October 12, 2015 |

Right now, I’m just on lying on my bed being bug by a few wholesale jerseys China requests from people. I’m grateful my photography and book has taken off very well. But I’m more deeply interested in wholesale nba jerseys my new vision. I started thinking clearly on Deploy Applications in September 2015. It is my goal and passion to create impact. I had a near death experience in my dream once. And all I could remember to this day was the shaking feeling that nothing I have matters but the thing I did for people. I woke up renewed, with a different thinking. My day will not conclude satisfied if I did something meaningful for others. Hence 1 year later, I saved up some money and shift my focus as a cheap jerseys resilient worker of my own. And today, I start Deploy Apps Gibbons as a way to…    read more 

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