Rapid Prototyping with Launchpad for Sketch

December 22, 2017    
anima launchpad rapid prototyping

Have you ever thought how you can go straight from Sketch to published website? That is, cutting the middleman – developer. Yes, there is a way and that is by using Launchpad by Anima – a plugin for Sketch that comes free and also with a price. Maybe you are a startup that needs to cut cost but also able to quickly edit and publish your landing page. You don’t want to…    read more 

5 Traits of Highly Successful UX Designers

February 15, 2017    
5 Traits of Highly Successful UX Designers

What makes one a successful UX Designer? Will it be skills in Sketch, Photoshop, Axure..? It takes more than just software skills when you embark on a career of User Experience design. For most, we have to work on some of these traits to get ahead in our careers. Here are 5 traits that we believe makes one a successful UX Designer: 1. Detailed Often times, you’ll be reminded of a dozen…    read more 

Basic Understanding of Wireframes

May 3, 2016    
Basic Understanding of Wireframes

Wireframes is a term that we use a lot, but do we actually know what it is? Basically, a wireframe is a ‘skeleton’ of your intended web/app product. That means, the mobile app idea you have your mind is materialized in it’s simplest form of pen and paper or nowadays – .png screens. The Process of Wireframing Have a pen and paper? There you have a paper and pen wireframe! You don’t…    read more 

Rapidfy Your App with InVision Sync

April 9, 2016    
Rapidfy Your App With InVision Sync

If you are developing apps, you might have heard about InVision – a web app that provides prototyping ease for mobile and web design. For a free account, you can work on 1-3 projects by uploading (drag and drop) your screens to create interaction between them.With just a few clicks, your app is ready to be presented and shared to your team and shareholders. But did you know InVision Sync can speed…    read more 

Build Apps Fast – A Quick Guide

March 24, 2016    
How To Build Apps Fast

Creating apps fast is very important and it does allow you to bring in a lot of value to the end user because he won’t have to wait a lot of time for the end result. But starting an app from scratch is not easy and you do need the proper knowledge to do so. In this article we will share how you can build apps fast and get the best results…    read more 

RAPT: Portfolio Bootstrap Wireframe Freebie

February 26, 2016    
RAPT Bootstrap Wireframe

Hi! Hope all is well with your week. Deploy Apps have been busy churning out design assets for Responsive Web Design, Flat Icons and many more! We are getting up to grips with Sketch 3 – an awesome design tool that simplifies workflow and speeds iteration. A few days ago, we released ‘RAPT’ a wireframe for a One-pager Responsive Website. It’s now on Sketch App Sources with 600+ downloads to date! We…    read more 

Basics of Understanding Mockups

February 18, 2016    
Understanding Mockups

There are 3 parts in the design phase for mobile apps. First, you create Wireframes and this is where you lay out the skeleton of the app you are trying to build. Basics such as buttons, menus and image placeholders are drawn in black & white shapes to provide the basic structure of the app’s interface. You could think of it as an Architect’s pencil drawing of a building. Next you need…    read more 

Top Free Plugins To Secure Your WordPress Site

February 5, 2016    
Wordpress Top Free Security Plugins

When starting a WordPress site, we might be carried away with theme settings, postings and selling. But what’s good if we aren’t protected towards malicious attempts from hackers or unwanted spam? For basic users, we highly recommend using these free plugins available for WordPress. BackUpWordpress Backing up your WordPress is one of the most important things to do, and with BackUpWordpress, it’s as simple and reliable with a click of a button….    read more 

CREO: App Development & Design Tool

January 22, 2016    

<a href="https://www visit our website.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiwiYTwu7zKAhUTGI4KHevtD0wQFggdMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fcreolabs.com%2F&usg=AFQjCNE3t6yg80VdDRoq3ej5L5YKBpkszA&sig2=X1fusq3DlFEiGEbVkcDRmw”>Creo is a new application for Mac that caters for designers and developers to deploy their iOS apps quickly. Now in beta, you can download and try it yourself with their clean and easy to use interface. I had a try out, and it’s simply one software I am really looking forward to grow. [vimeo 147514304 w=500 h=353] You can insert your own code or use in-built snippets,…    read more