Best Mac Productivity Apps for the UI/UX Designer

January 4, 2016| destructive

We are starting the year with a fresh roundup of the best Mac apps for UI and UX Design.

From sketching, designing, to choosing typefaces, here is one of the coolest apps we’ve found!

1. OmniGraffle 6 ($99.99)

OmniGraffle is a multi-purpose tool for creating charts, layouts and wireframes quickly. For UX Designers, this might be the best tool for creating wireframes and user flows.

OmniGraffle 6

2. Affinity Designer ($49.99)

A graphic design suite, this feature-pack app is well-supported with latest technologies and fully optimized for 64-bit and is able to create amazing graphics.

Affinity Designer

3. Bluetail – Vector Designer ($9.99)

For the vector artist, Bluetail is a beautiful app designed to create inspiring vector graphics.


4. Typeface ($9.99)

Love the Fox icon on this app. Typography is design, and what better way to have an app that showcases the beauty of type!

typography app

5. Icon Tools for Developers ($2.99)

Exporting icons for various stores? This one saves your time and generates XCAsset, Plist or icns files quickly.

Icon Tools for Developers

6. Resizer (FREE)

Easily resize your @2x designs to non-retina screens! This tool is great for testing and saves time on export.

Resizer App

7. Make My App – Mockup Tools for Developers (FREE)

An easy drag and drop app for building wireframes, this one comes free and is worth a shot if you need a quick alternative.

Make My App

8.  PrototApp – Mockup Tools for Developers (FREE)

PrototApp has various free apps for Android and Desktop. This app allows you to create wireframes for iOS devices similar to Make My App.


9. Make My Icon (FREE)

Easily convert your icon for multiple of stores – Mac Store, App Store and Android.

Make My Icon

10. Color Palette From Image (FREE)

Drag and drop pictures into this app and it will show what are the colors in it. Easily export them out to PDF or HTML documents.

Color Palette from Image app

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