Merry Christmas from us!

December 24, 2015| destructive|
Merry Christmas Deploy Apps

Hi! To all our subscribers and followers, we would like to personally thank you for a great year together. Our goal is to help people learn UI Design basics and rapid prototyping for their mobile app ideas. We believe in providing content and resources that will help you along your journey. And for this Christmas we would like to specially give away an offer of 50% off for our Classical Wireframe iOS UI Kit! Simply type in ‘code50’ at your checkout. You can purchase the product here: gum.co/classicwireframeuikit If you would like to have it FREE (tempting isn’t it?) simply subscribe to our website and like our Facebook page! This limited offer is valid till 31st December 2015. Till next year. Cheers.

UI Redesign for AVIS – Car Booking App (Part 1)

December 10, 2015| destructive|

AVIS is an international car booking company that I came across the net. I am not the usual car booker, but what got me curious was just realizing how this industry sector is worldwide. I have come across really neat apps for car booking, but when I saw AVIS‘s app it was quite poorly designed. Worse of all, I could not even login because there wasn’t a sign-up button. So, for this month’s redesign, I decided to embark on a project to create a much better UI for AVIS. Beginning with identifying the users and their needs, I know from my girlfriend’s experience, people tend to go to car renting outlets in a split second decision. Unlike planning for a flight, users tend to want immediate, hassle-free arrangements with the rental company. Users need to feel from the UI the comfort that AVIS is reliable, responsive and professional. I believe…    read more 

UI Prototyping With Prott

December 2, 2015| destructive|
Prott App

I have recently tried a new web app tool called Prott. It’s designed for rapid prototyping app ui designs for iOS and Android. Prott works similarly like InVision if you have tried, and comes with it’s own price tag depending on your projects. Here is a short video I have made that describes my experience prototyping with Prott: Click and dragging for action areas seems to be buggy, and I had a trouble sorting out the shapes. The layout was simple and clean, but I find not intuitive at times when looking for screens. You can view actions from your team in Activities, and this will show the changes that have been done. Another feature is you could create Wireframes as well. Prott has an editor that provides wireframe elements and tools to create your prototype generic antabuse australia. As for exporting, I find that it is fast and the…    read more 

The Classical Wireframe UI Collection

November 27, 2015| destructive|
Classical Wireframe Wireframes Kit

We are about to launch a collection of standard wireframes for mobile user interface. The kit gives a wide range of screens that will be useful in rapid prototyping. Our goal is to allow designers and entrepreneurs to design prototypes quickly so they could concentrate on the more important details in their project. The design of our wireframes are simple and minimalistic which allows customization of your own – font, color, text, images etc. It gives you a chance to adjust every layer and elements on Photoshop.  The set of screens in our first UI kit for iOS – iPhone are: The UI Kit for iOS is now open for pre-orders at http://gum.co/classicwireframeuikit and a Collection version is under development. We greatly appreciate your support by buying our UI Kit and we can assure you there are many designs greater to come. If you have any questions on our UI…    read more 

Adobe Project Comet: For User Interface Design

November 21, 2015| destructive|
Project Comet UI Design Software

When I was first starting out, I read how designers prefer Sketch and look at Photoshop as a ‘not complete’ tool. For me, I was learning Photoshop to get the basic fundamentals before I hop on to faster prototyping tools. What started for me, turn out to be something I truly stayed on until today. I simply like Adobe’s layout and look which get’s me in the flow when I’m designing. The good news to all Photoshop lovers is, they have released a UX/UI Prototyping software addition to the Adobe family! Dubbed as ‘Project Comet’, it is simply an all-in-one user interface design tool that encompasses Wireframing and Prototyping. It is set to release on early 2016, and if that makes you excited go to their website and sign-up for their special announcement here. Key Features: Intuitive Tools: That you’re used to in Photoshop and Illustrator Enable Animation To Your…    read more 

UX Design, Prototyping and UI Design Workflow

November 19, 2015| destructive|
Workflow of UX and UI Design

How is your workflow as a UX/UI Designer? And, what do you think is best? The UX/UI design process can be lengthy and daunting at first. You have to know your users and design with them in mind through out your workflow. Although some might disagree, but we feel prototyping allows for more design-thinking and hence our workflow is: <a href="https://i2.wp.com/www.destructive.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/DA-Workflow antabuse tablets online.png”> User Experience Design is a process that encompasses: Creating Personas Creating User Journeys Sketches of App Design Wireframes of Prototype. As with any projects, getting the right start is important into developing a good end product. Always keep user interface straight to the point of the user’s goal and you will avoid any time wastage on reiteration. Prototyping is how an app appears on your phone – unfinished. The process includes: Creating a User Testing Script Creating a Prototype by Animating screens and UI elements Recruiting…    read more 

Pixate Guide: Learn Basic Animations

Pixate General View

Creating prototypes can be a very different approach for many of us. Some prefer the ease of Flinto, while others would go for Framer, which requires coding. There are many more, but I find Pixate to be somewhat a cross between Flinto and Framer, with the convenience of checking your prototype on a real device. And the best part, is it’s free and looks great! The first time I use Pixate, it was hard for me to understand the software. After going through the video tutorials on their site, then do I began to see their workflow methodology. To be clear, it is very much a programming style of workflow but in visual form. I like how it helps people like me who wants to gain that programming mindset, yet not be overwhelmed by it. Pixate truly tests your intuition and creativity, and the options are open to your ingenuity….    read more 

UI Design: Redesigning & Preparing Alignments

November 5, 2015| destructive|
UI Design Mockup

Recently Townske released it’s new iOS app and I thought of re-creating the design in Photoshop. Going through the design was fun and figuring out the type, colors and layout was interesting into knowing the design thought that goes to it. When it comes to redesigning another app, there are some tips I would like to share that will help rapidly prototype your UI. First, is take screenshots of the app on your phone and upload it into Photoshop. Secondly, open up tabs (I suggest you bookmark it in a folder) on your web browser of Stock Photos, Font Finder and Icon Finder. Once you have this set up, it’s time to bring up your iPhone template and start aligning by creating Guides. Check Preferences if your units and rulers are set to Pixels and Points. View > New Guide Bring in the screenshot you had snapped and use the…    read more 

UI Design: Creating A Moodboard

Airbnb Moodboard Example

Before we get into designing our user interface, a good practice is to set a moodboard for our visual design idea. This is a way to keep consistency as well as speeding our process into designing our screens. A moodboard can simply be created with a Photoshop document and the way in which you create it is entirely up to you. A good building block would be to set up your swatches, fonts, icons and buttons. Find references on other apps and pick up ideas you find suited to your app design. Once you have put all the pieces together, save it and refer it as you design your screens. Here I have created a simple example of an Airbnb moodboard. What I did was: Find the App Design in Inspired UI Use a Firefox plugin – ColorZilla to find out the colors. Added the colors as swatches in Photoshop….    read more 

UX Personas: Try UserForge To Create Personas

Userforge Create Personas

Today, we will look on one of the important process in UX Design – Creating Personas. Users are the core of our digital product and before we even start planning the design we must know who they are made for. There are multiple ways you can create personas – Photoshop, Sketch, Word etc. But often, you will find yourself in time-consuming tasks such as finding icons, stock images, fonts, colors and alignments. To speed up your prototyping, let me introduce you to a great site – UserForge! UserForge is a web-app tool that helps you create persona templates with ease. The best part is you get to have readily available images and a neat randomize feature to create your persona without hassle! From there, you are given a template where you can add Sections in Title, List or Paragraph. This is where you can enter details such as Characteristics, Goals/Needs,…    read more 

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