5 Traits of Highly Successful UX Designers

February 15, 2017| deployapps
5 Traits of Highly Successful UX Designers

What makes one a successful UX Designer? Will it be skills in Sketch, Photoshop, Axure..?

It takes more than just software skills when you embark on a career of User Experience design. For most, we have to work on some of these traits to get ahead in our careers. Here are 5 traits that we believe makes one a successful UX Designer:

1. Detailed

Often times, you’ll be reminded of a dozen things to do and keep track off. One moment you have to correct button on the wireframe, and the next.. create 2 more mockups for the Profile screen.

Keep everything in order and have a notebook and pen at hand always.

Also write down some thoughts of your own when thinking of an idea or problem. Try to understand if your userflow makes sense and if there could be a better way.

Keep note of the changes you have done, so you’ll not repeat yourself when you face the same issue.

2. Passionate

When you’re passionate about something, it shows by the way you care about the work you’re doing, the endless times you spent alone with the computer and the way you talk about it.

Getting into any career is the same. You need to be passionate about it.

If you’re wondering what UX Designers are passionate about, you’ll be surprised to find that they enjoy many other things such as Sports, Photography and Music.

But in essence, UX Designers love Technology. They love Design as well, but what gets them interested is how mobile devices and wearables can be shaped by thoughtful and beautiful design.

This is what make one feel purposeful in their careers and stand out as they gain more experience.

3. Knowledgeable

The best ways you can get ahead in your skill as a UX Designer is to be resourceful and knowledgeable.

Read as much as you can and include important books into your reading list. This should be stressed. We’ll provide a list of great UX Books to read in the upcoming posts.

Besides books, read web articles from Smashing Mag, Medium, UX Mag etc. You’ll need to keep yourself abreast with the changes of trends and technology.

Remember that one thing can be popular today, and the next day gone.

Tools fade in and out just like that. So, always keep a bookmark of these important sites on your browser and make use of Twitter / Instagram by following them!

4. User-centered

Great UX Designers know how to include a human-touch in designing their mobile experiences.

Take for example Memrise – an app that helps one to learn a new language. You may think all it does is create a few new words a day for you to learn. But Memrise perfects it by adding Gamification and delightful interactions and helpful guides when attempting new words to learn.

The backbone of this app is clearly to allow users to feel that they are in a supportive system for learning.

Knowing your users behaviours, needs and wants is crucial when designing experiences. Study want makes each demographic tick, what makes them share, or what makes them react to things.

Being user-centered takes practice and time, just as how musicians pay special attention to their sound.

5. Great Communicator

UX Designers spend half of his or her time communicating to others via emails, text or speech.

Therefore it is important you practice on your communication skills. Learn how to convey your idea, thoughts and feedback in a helpful and positive way.

This goes a long way, as you are one part of an important team of Developers, Designers, Dept Heads & Stakeholders.


We would love to hear your thoughts on these 5 Traits! Do share in the comments below on what you think can be added as a key trait to become highly successful as a UX Designer.

Lastly, we hope you find the article useful in your career as a UX Designer and perhaps someday you can share with us your success!

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