5 Smart Ways To Wireframe Apps & Websites

September 6, 2018| deployapps

We believe everyone can begin their ideas and we will look at 5 smart ways to wireframe apps and websites. Think of it as blueprint, and you are the Architect. So whether you are starting out as a UX Designer, or have an App Idea to get across, we will explain how you can apply 5 smart ways into wireframing your project.

1. Sketch It

sketch wireframe

If you prefer pen and paper, this is the best way to with start any project. Simply draw out a frame of your device and sketch out what you would like to add on in your app or website. Remember to jot your ideas down and comment on it. All you need is a sketch book with pens and pencils.

If you want to go all out, I would recommend getting UI Stencils where you can trace outlines quickly and accurately. Also check out the site UI Stencils for some cool kits!

By sketching, you can cut it out into paper prototypes to test the flow of your app with users. These might be pretty basic, but nevertheless helps in gathering information on the UX and viability of your idea.

2. Low or Mid Fidelity Design

low fidelity wireframe

Essentially it means a rough representation of your website or app. It doesn’t have the full color, or styles that you can expect on a fully designed app, but this step involves carefully planning the placement text, pictures, navigation around the page/screen.

A sketch can be also classified as a lo-fi design, but if you want to design it on software there are options such as Balsamiq, UX Pin and Wireframe.cc. Do check out more at Creative Bloq’s 20 Best Wireframe Tools

For the designs above, I used Sketch and you can use any design software as well to create it.

3. High-Fidelity Design

hi fidelity wireframe

For High-Fidelity Wireframes, you are creating a near-representation of the actual website. What this means is you have pictures, text and styles that’s more complete. This step will take more time, and I will suggest starting with Low-Fidelity, so you could concentrate on the structure.

For some, once you have the Low-Fidelity design done, your designer will understand much better on how to prepare a responsive or iOS/Android standard design for you. In a nutshell, high fidelity wireframes are not really necessary, and usually for the client that demands it.

4. Wireframe Kits

wireframe kits

Wireframe Kits are available for free and paid at various online creative markets such as UpLabs, Sketch App Resources and ThemeForest. So, why would you want to choose Wireframe Kits? Perhaps you want a ready-prepared design but just tweak it’s content. You will also save cost and time from designing it on your own or hiring a wireframe designer.

When purchasing or downloading a kit, do ensure you have the right software to go with it such as Sketch, Photoshop, Adobe XD, Affinity Designer. Another tip, start with Wireframe kits that gives you basic screens such as Home, Login, Profile etc. and provides a wide range of useful UI elements.


5. Hire A UX Designer

smart ways to wireframe

If you decide to forgo all options above, hey.. why not hire a wireframe designer?

It might seem like the best solution, but if your designer isn’t clear about what you want chances are your design will not. As a UX designer myself, I encourage my clients to at least provide a rough sketch about their ideas. From this, it gives much information of what I can understand the app to be.

The good part of hiring a designer is, they will provide better-looking wireframes that suits it’s platform. For me, I take it to the extra mile by testing it on a mobile phone to check how it looks and feel. So yes, it can pay off well, but remember to careful select on sites like Upwork, Remote or Fiverr.

That’s it! 5 Smart Ways to Wireframe Apps & Websites. It’s entirely up to you on which method you prefer and what suits you best. There are a great ton of resources as well, and you can check out our site – Deploy Applications for free and paid Wireframe and UI Kits for building up your ideas.

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